Safety information

We are always committed to safeguarding the health and safety of our guests, providing a protection kit complete with masks and disinfectant and completely sanitizing the environments.


We are always committed to the health and safety of our guests. In response to the Covid-19 emergency we promptly took some basic actions:

  • adjusting guest reception procedures;
  • training and updating our staff;
  • servizi tecnico manutentivi e pulizia degli spazi alle Linee Guida emesse dall’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità;
  • technical maintenance services and cleaning of our spaces in keeping with the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, use of a sanitization system by HPV, hydrogen peroxide vapor, for apartments, offices and common areas;
  • providing sterilized sets of bathroom kits to prevent any contamination during transport and let the sets be delivered to those who prefer to limit housekeeping.

protection kits

Each guest will find upon arrival in the office a protection kit complete with gloves, masks and disinfectant hand gel;



To help you get safely around the city, we have activated an internal bike-sharing service with a starting supply of twenty bicycles.



We have adopted a sanitization system using HPV, hydrogen peroxide vapor, which is a well-established, highly effective technology used in hospitals (including in operating rooms).

The Ministry of Health regulates hydrogen peroxide vapor sanitization within workplace health and safety with Legislative Decree 9 April 08, n. 81, coordinated with Legislative Decree 3 August 2009, n. 106 and implemented according to Article 1 of Law 3 August 2007, n. 123.

The system we use eliminates indoor pollution and prevents risks for the people in the room at the end of the sanitation cycle.